? 2 x CACIB International Dog Show - Debrecen - 2019. April 20 - 21. - dog Portal 2 x CACIB International Dog Show - Debrecen - 2019. April 20 - 21. - dog Portal

2 x CACIB International Dog Show - Debrecen - 2019. April 20 – 21.

2 x CACIB International Dog Show - Debrecen - 2019. April 20 - 21.

The East Hungarian Kennel Club 2019. April 20, prices and 21-Ere all the varietal 2 x CACIB Dog Showt advertise Debrecenbe. Both days you can participate in an international dog show a CACIB in the field of Agricultural Sciences Center of.

The exhibition organizer Association, East Hungarian Kennel Club

Local organizations were set up in the 1960s, then Hajdúsági- As the Organization and Debrecen. 1967-They were created in the hunter, protective guard, Working professional classes, and within the framework of the Association's training and this training guide dogs megindult.1990 also became the Association of Independent Jogúvá, at this time it has been touted as the largest number of members Association. The two large exhibition (2 x CACIB and night CACIB) In addition to the Organizing Association for two or three a year working trial, also organizes breeding exam, and continuous training are going to guard, a professional fighter and agility classes.

The HKC Debrecen Rights Association of Independent underwent a name change pressure. 2017-It operates onwards under the name of Eastern Hungary Kennel Club.

organized by the East-Hungarian Kennel Club International CACIB dog shows have a long tradition. The Association starting in 2000-ies almost every year organizes this major, two-day dog ​​show, He is enchanted by the exhibitors nice atmosphere (Along the night CACIB dog exhibitions, which is important in light of the mysterious magic lights).

Exhibitors information

The exhibition catalog is online!
The exhibitors will receive no criticism registry!

Judges' lists


2019. 04. 20.
2019. 04. 21.


German shepherd, Tervueren, Laekenois, Schipperke, Cimarron Uruguayo, White Swiss Shepherd, Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog, mioritic, KÁRPÁTIA Sheepdogs, South Russian Sheepdogs, Berger De Beauce, Berger De Brie, Flandriai Bouvier, Bearded Collie, Border Collie, Collie longhaired, Collie Shorthair, Shetland Sheepdog, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Welsh Corgi Cardigan Laszlo Erdos (HU) Astrid Lundava (EAST)
Komondor, Pooch, Puli, black and white, Pumi, Mudi Victor Lobakin (THE) Calin Margineanu (RO)
Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Abruzzo Shepherd Dog
I. dog breed varieties not listed group
Laszlo Erdos (HU) Calin Margineanu (RO)


Dobermann, German Pinscher, German Pinscher Dwarf, German dog, Rottweiler, Schnauzerek, Boxer, Kshr-Fei Calin Margineanu (RO)
Bukovina Sheepdog, Dogo Canario, Dogo, mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff, Bullmasztiff, Bordói Dog, Argentin Dog, Fila Brasileiro, Tosa Inu, Black Russian Terrier, Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Central Asian Shepherd Dog István Lakatos (HU) Dr. Zsolt Molnár (HU)
English Bulldog, Anatolian shepherd, Újfoundlandi, Landseer, Saint Bernard, hovawart, Leonbergi, Spanish Mastiff, Great Pyrenees, Tibetan Mastiff, Bernese Mountain Dog Miroslav Vaclavik (CZ)
Cane Corso
II. dog breed varieties not listed group
Michael Papadatos (GR)
Dobermann, German Pinscher, German Pinscher Dwarf, German dog, Rottweiler, Schnauzerek, Cane Corso István Lakatos (HU)
Boxer, Kshr-Fei, Anatolian shepherd, Újfoundlandi, Landseer, Saint Bernard, hovawart, Leonbergi, Spanish Mastiff, Great Pyrenees, Tibetan Mastiff, Bernese Mountain Dog Laszlo Erdos
English Bulldog Calin Margineanu (RO)
Black Russian Terrier, Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Central Asian Shepherd Dog
II. dog breed varieties not listed group
lyudmila Glukhova (RUS)
all kinds Ekaterina Senashenko (RUS) Zsolt Csaba Lokodi (RO)
all kinds Michael Papadatos (GR) lyudmila Glukhova (RUS)
all kinds Dr. Zsolt Molnár (RO) Miroslav Vaclavik (CZ)
all kinds Astrid Lundava (EAST) Ekaterina Senashenko (RUS)
all kinds Astrid Lundava (EAST) Ekaterina Senashenko (RUS)
all kinds Zsolt Csaba Lokodi (RO) Victor Lobakin (THE)
all kinds lyudmila Glukhova (RUS) Michael Papadatos (GR)
all kinds Victor Labakin (THE) Dr. Zsolt Molnár (RO)
breeds not recognized by FCI
Victor Lobakin (THE) Michael Papadatos (GR)

Attention! 2019. February 01 deadline for final registration of the trade prior to the exhibition 15. nap!

A MEOESZ 2/2019.(01.21.) sz. Based on the Bureau decision, and II. after the closing date will not accept more entries!

Entry deadlines and entry fees:

First entry deadline
2019. 02. 21.
The second entry deadline
2019. 03. 21.
first dog 6000 Ft 8000 Ft
More dogs 5000 Ft 7000 Ft
Baby, Kid, Veteran 4000 Ft 5000 Ft
Honor class 3000 Ft 4000 Ft
breeding Groups 3000 Ft 3000 Ft
Kutyapárok 3000 Ft 3000 Ft
young handler 2000 Ft 2000 Ft

A member MEOESZ not have to pay double the above entry fees!
The first dog entry fee includes a piece of catalog! The entry fees for the Hungarian breed expect a 50% discount.

Entries you can initiate online from this link>>.
The entry fee can be paid by the bank on the same card or bank transfer, even before you start the registration. If sent by bank transfer, more appropriate just to pay the entry fee, the entry you will receive an email from the bank, as for upload proof of payment of the entry fee.
The personal data as well be called the dog / dogs data and document copies (registration copy first and second sides, A copy of the registration card members, Champion certificate or working trial, or if there is a payment by check or bank transfer copy) After applying the possible launch of online registration. Entries will only be valid, if the entry fee is sorted!

registration form

In case of postal entries, After accurately completing and signing the entry form, you want to call it a copy of the dog's pedigree must be attached, A copy of the certificate of registration fee paid by check or transfer receipt, Work or copies of certificates and Champion 2019. A copy card members a year.

In case of a bank transfer to the East Hungarian Kennel Association Account Number:
OTP Bank Ltd.. Debrecen - 11738008 – 20328102.
The payment is always made under the owner's name!

The entry fee payment by post (pink money orders) sometimes be paid to the following address:
East Hungarian Kennel Club
The box Notice the word "Entry" into.

Entry address event postmark:
HÓD-DOG Dog Friendly Association
Pf.: 1.

Further information Eastern Hungary Kennel Association's official website>>.

and the Association official Facebook page>>.

join the facebook event page of the event you can >>.

For more information about the exhibition is available from the following telephone number:
+36 52 443 565.

Or by e-mail at:

registration by fax:
+36 62 222 485.

Introducing the city of dog shows, Debrecen

A 2 x CACIB International Dog Show venue Debrecen, which is the second largest and most populous city Hungary, Hungary Eastern culture, economic, tourism and transport center at the same time. In today's times is considered as one of the fastest growing city in our country.

Debrecen Calvinist Rome city is often referred to as or as well civisváros, It is a market town in the 1300s, and he obtained a royal town in the 1600s and had twice been the country's capital. History intertwined with the Reformation through the centuries, many historical memory of this message, Kossuth Square, the Memorial Park and the Sculpture Park is Nagyerdei.

Sights stands out among the city's symbol, the 1800s neoclassic near Reformed Church, is the nation's largest Protestant church and which preserved relic of Lajos Kossuth armchair. The building is in the heart of the city, located in Kossuth Square, Located behind working on the 1500-ies Reformed College, which is famous for its authority by teachers and students based on. The College is a large library, half a million of stocks - which can be found in rare books – the Hungarian Reformed Church is registered as the largest collections.
In addition to college to find a building built in neo-baroque style Deri Museum. The most famous part, You can see Munkácsy room Munkácsy Christ Trilogy two world-famous creations.

The city center is another fascinating sights of the Golden Bull's Hostel, and is the oldest hotel still in operation in the country today, the Main Square, In the middle díszburkolatba busy can be found in the city's coat of arms encrusted üvegmozaikból, City Hall and the neo-Classical building, which is one of the most beautiful.

The city's abundant cultural offerings stand out from the colorful and beautiful Flower Parade August 20 i, Jazz Days, the Poetry Festival and the Summer School events.

The city's most popular tourist event is unique in Europe Flower Festival. The state-founder of St. Stephen and the crowning of the new bread-related celebrated spectacle of hundreds of thousands of people coming to town. The week-long series of events the main event, the spectacular Flower Festival every year, Participants can see the wonderful flower compositions, delicious scent which can not be neglected. In addition, high-quality, entertainment, concerts, dance performances, programs for children, Capping the day and fireworks crowd waiting for the Flower Carnival families, guests.

real respite from the Zoo for families, deep 1958 Since welcomes visitors. Since then nearly 60 During the year the area of ​​the zoo has grown steadily and now we can, that adequate parks have been established with EU standards, where 5 continent 165 some species 1500 view copies of the visiting families, guests.

the conditions for the species living here much before the grant greater prosperity and improved well-being. The area can be found in the 341 plant trees together with 1994 It is under nature protection since.

Among the natural attractions of the Debrecen Great Forest, that starting from 1939 the first nature reserve of Hungary extended Zoo, amusement park, and botanical gardens, which is identical to the original flora of the Great Forest by one. About the arboretum 8000 We see plenty of tropical plant species is rare among, Furthermore, the European reputation, 2000 species and 10 000 Representative plant cactus collection can be found here.

Come and visit, The organizers also expect you love!

The dog exhibitions, The area of ​​the Center of Agricultural Sciences, where every visitor, guests, exhibitors dog with lots of love and intimate two dogs waiting for an exhibition in Eastern Hungary Kennel Club.

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