The Budapest Winner CACIB Dog Show will be held 29 November 2019 organized by the Hungarian Kennel Club. The venue of the show the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center of pavilion “A”.

Show Schedule

07.30: Gate opening
10.00: Budapest Winner CACIB Show start of judging
14.30: Budapest Winner CACIB Show Best In Show program

Ring Map

All show information is here, please, click>>

Information of exhibitors

Judge list

The leader judge of the show is Mr. András Korózs.

FCI I. group
Hungarian Kuvasz, Puli, Pumi, KomondorFerenc Antal (HU)
Hungarian MudiDr. Éva Sirkó (HU)
English Shepher DogsPéter Muzslai (HU)
Australian Shepherd Dogs
I. group other dog breeds
Grzegorz Robak (PL)
FCI II. group
Russian Black TerrierDr. Éva Sirkó (HU)
SchnauzersBruce R. Schwartz (USA)
German Dog, Dogo Argentino, Cane Corso, Dogo Canario, Dobermann, Rottweiler, BoxerKimmo Mustonen (SF)
Pinschers, Bernese Mountain Dog, Other Swiss dog breeds, English BulldogDr. Tamás Jakkel (HU)
Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Central Asian Shepherd DogLászló Erdős (HU)
Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Landseer, Leonberger
II. group other dog breeds
Dr. Attila Kelemen (RO)
FCI III. group
Yorkshire Terrier, Airedale Terrier, Short-legged Terriers, Long-legged TerriersAnikó Görbics (HU)
American Staffordshire TerrierLukasz Kozlarek (PL)
English Bull Terrier, English Bull Terrier miniature, Staffordshire Bull TerrierPatrícia Anne Keenan (USA)
FCI IV. group
All breedAnita Márkus (HU)
FCI V. group
Alaskan Malamute, Akita, Siberian Husky, Samoyed, Shiba, Chow-ChowZoltán Baffia (HU)
American AkitaBruce R. Schwartz (USA)
V. group other dog breedsZlatko Jojkic (SRB)
FCI VI. group
All breedPatrícia Burunkai (HU)
FCI VII. group
Hungarian VizslasRóbert Kotlár (HU)
VII. group other dog breedsZlatko Jojkic (SRB)
FCI VIII. group
RetrieversJussi Liimatainen (SF)
VIII. group other dog breedsDr. Zsuzsanna Balogh (HU)
FCI IX. group
French Bulldog, Pug, Boston TerrierGróf Szilvia (HU)
Tibetan dog breeds, Poodles, ChihuahuaKatalin Kiss (HU)
IX. group other dog breedsSárközy Gyula (HU)
FCI X. group
All breedAnna Kochan (PL)
Dog breeds not recognized by FCI
Róbert Kotlár (HU)

Entry deadlines and entry fees.

First entry deadline
08. 10. 2019
Second entry deadline
28. 10. 2019
The first dog45 Eur55 Eur
The additional dogs40 Eur50 Eur
Baby, Puppy, Veteran25 Eur30 Eur
Breeding Group20 Eur20 Eur
Braces20 Eur20 Eur
Junior Handling15 Eur15 Eur

Administration fee is 10 EUR / entry.


Entry is accepted after payment is fully done.

They can not take over the costs of the bank wire transfer.

Entering to the show is in accordance to the FCI and Hungarian Kennel Club’s Show Regulations, the exhibitor by signing the entry form, or by entering in the online-system, the exhibitor is undertake to comply with and be bound by the rules itself.


  • To the show only those dogs can be entered, who has original FCI registeed pedigree, one dog can be entered only to one class.
  • Entry is available by online, by post, emphasized shows and personally in the Hungarian Kennel Club office!
  • Entries aived by fax and e-mail are not accepted.
  • The entry fee must be paid also in case of absence.
  • Illegible and incomplete entry form can not be accepted.

Entering by post, please use our Entry form, which can be downloaded

Entry address:
MEOE Szövetség
H-1194 Budapest, Hofherr A. u. 38-40.

Bank account number:
MEOE Szövetség

Please in the comment put the note: your dog’s name and the whole amount written, as we have to recognise it more easily. All information will be forwaded to this e-mail address noted.

The exchange’s fee between classes is 10 EUR/change.

Online-entry is available, please click >>.

For the entry you must make registration before. When making the online-entry you can make changes after the entry done for 6 hours. When you not make any changes in this 6 hours, the entry will become final. You will get automatically e-mail after making tfhe entry(ies). It includes all information. In the online system you can only make the payment by Bankcard or Creditcard.
If you not finish the creditcard payment in the online system, your entry will be cancelled automatically.

If you enter more dogs, the Minor Puppy, Puppy and Veteran classes entry fees is not counting as “First dog” in amount!

Entry classes

ClassAgeAttached documents
Baby class3 – 6 monthsFCI or FCI Contract patner originated copy of pedigree
Puppy class6 – 9 monthsFCI or FCI Contract patner originated copy of pedigree
Junior class9 – 18 monthsFCI or FCI Contract patner originated copy of pedigree
Intermediate class15 – 24 monthsFCI or FCI Contract patner originated copy of pedigree
Open classFrom 15 monthsFCI or FCI Contract patner originated copy of pedigree
Working classFrom 15 monthsFCI accepted Working test certificate copy, copy of pedigree
Champion classFrom 15 monthsFCI National or International Champion certificate copy
Veteran classFrom 8 yearsFCI or FCI Contract patner originated copy of pedigree

Other informations are the Budapest Winner CACIB Show official website>>.

Source: The Budapest Winner CACIB Show official website

The city of the Budapest Winner CACIB Show is Budapest, which is the capital of Hungary.

Venue is the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center.

Come and visit us too, the organizers are waiting for you!

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